Roof Ventilation​

Heat causes elevated heat in roof spaces, the Solarark solar roof ventilator continuously exchanges roof air to avoid heat build up and keeps your roof space healthy.

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From residential solar, commercial solar, natural lighting and roof ventilation you can rest assure that we only hire in-house installers who are highly trained and skilled in their field. YOU as our end client deserve a service that is second to none which includes

Condensation Build up
Fights mould and condensation build up in your roof cavity. The Solarark roof ventilator reduces the chances of mould spores in the roof space that can harm the health of your roof and the quality of air in your home.

In Summer​

Summer roof temperature often exceed 70°C. This greatly increases room temperature inside your home. SolarArk solar roof ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperature by up to 6°C.

No Running Costs Ever​

Being totally solar powered, the Solarark roof ventilator have a $0 operating cost of the life of the product. Quiet Operation; Quiet operations due to the brushless DC motor and polycarbonate fan blade system.

Provide Energy

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