Solar For Your Business

We offer an integrated end-to-end service: developing, structuring finance, building and operating solar projects at commercial and utility scale. And we work with partners to bring solar and storage to our client’s businesses.

It Works?

With thousands of Australian households taking the initiative and moving towards solar power, this is the perfect time to make the switch and put the power back in your hands.

Government rebates and incentives are still available.

We Can Help By

Interactive Solar offers outstanding solutions tailored to adapt to your energy usage and offers solutions to the ever-growing power prices.

What Type Of Businesses?

NOW is the perfect time to take on the initiative and make the switch to green energy. With Government rebates still available you can never be too certain when these will be stopped or minimised. The price of power is going through the roof which doesn’t seem to slow down. The sooner you get the panels on your roof the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of using your own generated electricity and reduce your carbon foot print.

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Site Audit

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/svg/img_solar for your business_steps_permitting


/svg/img_solar for your business_steps_installation


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Final Inspection

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Utility Interconnection

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Monitoring & Maintenance

Provide Energy

Put The Power Back In Your Hands With A Top Of
The Range Interactive Solar System.