Residential Solar Systems

Would you like to power your home and being one step closer to self sufficiency by utilising the suns free power? It may be easier and more cost effective then you think! Interactive Solar are the professionals in solar for residential applications.

How It Works?


With thousands of Australian households taking the initiative and moving towards solar power, this is the perfect time to make the switch and put the power back in your hands.

Government rebates and incentives are still available.

Bi-Directional Meter

This is the meter which records the excess power sent back to the grid from your Solar Panels and also records power which you have drawn from the grid.

Solar Battery Storage

The excess power generated from your Solar Panels can be stored in your Solar Battery for night usage. Excess power again will be sent back to the grid.

Solar Power Panels

The power harnessed from the sun will be converted to DC power for the inverter to convert.

Solar Inverter

The DC power recieved from the Solar Panels will be converted to AC power for your home and appliances to use. The excess power can be stored in your solar battery or sold back to the grid.

Provide Energy

Put The Power Back In Your Hands With A Top Of
The Range Interactive Solar System.